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About us

A webshop full of monsters

Monster creations

Hi! I’m Niels, the creator of the monstrous world of Happy Monster Club.

As a child I always liked to be creative. During my graphic design studies, I started sketching and creating monsters. Even then I had the dream of making my own products. After all these years of trial and error, I found the courage to make my dream come true with Happy Monster Club as the end result.

An image of Niels, the creator of the monstrous world of Happy Monster Club
I always dreamed about making my own products. With trial and error I took the plunge and created Happy Monster Club.

The concept

I've always had a fascination for monsters and creating fantasy worlds.

In an overwhelming reality it is fun to be able to flee into a world full of fantasy and cheerful monsters. A place where time stands still. I want to make the Happy Monster Club world accessible to everyone, through monstrous products.

Our values

A high quality and durable product is very important to us

A unique design

Making monsters is our thing, and we like to share that with everyone through our products. Each design is made in-house, and we are proud of that.

Focus for detail

We always strive for the best quality, care and a personal approach. Everything has been worked out down to the last detail, which you can tell by our products.

Quality products

Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we consciously choose sustainable materials such as organic cotton and 100% virgin wool.

How it started

We are a company that’s taking its first steps with our own products and webshop.

Our story started with the idea of bringing high quality and sustainable products to the market. At a time when quality is often forgotten, we want to go all the way for a beautifully finished product. The entire production process is very personal for us and we monitor it closely.

At Happy Monster Club we work with unique and quality products, for a beautiful and durable end result.

Eye for detail

The Happy Monster Club family has an eye for the smallest details to make you happy with our products.

We have a final say in the production process and we always monitor it closely. We designed and developed our webshop and our products ourselves, and we are proud of that.

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