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Welcome in our own sewing studio

Custom-made craftsmanship

We sew our cuddly toy monsters by hand using 100% virgin wool.

The whole process, from the choice of the material to the final cuddly toy, is in our hands. Because of this, our cuddly toys are unique and completely made by hand. This gives each cuddly toy its own, original character.

Image of a Happy Monster Club cuddly toy
Image of various Happy Monster Club cuddly toys
Image of a Happy Monster Club cuddly toy that is filled with pure wool

Local studio

All our cuddly toys are handmade in our own studio in Ghent.

We like to keep the process local and do not support industrial mass production with poor working conditions. That's why we sew the cuddly toys ourselves in our own sewing studio. Nothing more fun than a unique handmade cuddly toy.

Our unique cuddly toys are handmade in our own studio in Ghent.

The best quality

For our cuddly toys we always work with qualitative and environmentally friendly products.

Our cuddly toys are made of 100% virgin wool felt and are filled with pure wool. This way they feel nice and soft. The cuddly toys are safe as toys for the little ones, but of course also for children and adults. In short, an ideal friend.

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